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Chantelle Albers
American Actress   SAG/AFTRA

Dish Network

CTV News

ABC 4 Daily Dish

“Chantelle Albers strikes a sexually defiant note as a woman who insists upon living on her own terms in a “man’s world,” and may be the most captivating character of all.”

"'Rise' focuses on the initially hilarious interaction between an agoraphobic mathematician (Troy Blendell) and a mysterious visitor (Chantelle Albers). Both actors are superb, particularly Albers, whose endearingly wacky eccentric is absolutely enchanting."

“Enjoying this thrilling re-enactment of the politician and the broadcaster who joined forces to fight for freedom against fascism are among the finest two hours this reviewer has ever spent in a theater.”

“Murrow’s mistress Pamela Churchill Harriman (carnally reincarnated by seductive Chantelle Albers)”

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